diumenge, 19 de maig de 2013


The second lesson we studied in English was Internal Dynamics, a little bit of Geology. We visited the web 

for some days, where we could find all the earthquakes from around the world in that day. Using this information we could verify that almost all the big earthquakes happen to be on the limits of the tectonic plates. Interesting!

Here you have the poster that we made.


In this activity we worked in groups, and the teacher gave us some sentences about renewable energies. All of them were true, but we chose the six most important for us. We ordered them and we made posters. Here you have the results.


In the first term of the year we have been learning a lot of things about energy. We made three activities in groups of three, and each one of us had a number (1, 2 or 3). When we finished the activities, each member of the group joined the other number ones, twos or threes to check one activity.
We had to discuss about the answers with our classmates and, when we agreed, we gave the solution to the teacher and to the other two members of the group.

You can see photos here:

In this video you can see how we worked together.